Orientalism and Genocide

Paris – Belgium – Nigeria – Afghanistan, and we’re still only in January. This coming so soon after a bumper 2014 in which a Christian genocide took place in Iraq at the hands of Islamic State, and countless Muslims in Syria were murdered by the same. The response to this assault on civilisation is a most peculiar thing to watch: like the smoke of an … Continue reading Orientalism and Genocide

… and some have Nationality thrust upon them

Few urban centres can claim to be as pluralistic and lacking in any national identity as London. Being part of London is a life-challenge for the many travellers who pass through, hoping to call it home. They endure, in many cases, three-to-a bed cramped rooms at Waterloo, poor salaries; it is a shared struggle with other kindred souls.  The poster above articulates this sense of … Continue reading … and some have Nationality thrust upon them